1800-106 An error occurred using sysback


  AIX 4.2
  RISC J30

  Customer does this:
  smitty sysback
    Configuration Option 
      Network Boot Configuration
        Configure/Update a Network Boot Image

  Client Network Adapter Type            [token-ring]
  Client Platform Type                   [rs6ksmp]
  I hit F4 on the Client Platform Type line and get this   
  error message

   Press Enter or Cancel to return to the 
 1800-106 An error occurred:  

 rs6k      Classic RISC System/6000                         
 rs6ksmp   Symmetric Multiprocessor (MP) Risc System/6000

I was able to create the correct boot image, I have not 
tested it as of yet.  I did not get this message at 
sysback on the J30.  Also it seems to  work just 
fine on the rspc systems, displaying this information:

   rs6k      Classic RISC System/6000  
   rspc      PCI-based (PC) RISC System/6000

This problem will be corrected with sysback

Next Action:
  The backup image was correct
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: 1800-106 An error occurred using sysback ITEM: BP3577L
Dated: October 1996 Category: N/A
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