date command returns blanks instead of padded 0s


The date command returns blanks instead of padded 0s.  How can
I change this?


As far as just simple presentation goes you could just
alias the date command with:

>alias date='date "+%a %b %d %r %Y $1"'

But, this will not work because you want to use different shells.
You think there is a way to do this with changing the LC_TIME 
variable dealing with the locale.

I tested this and it works:

1. cd /usr/lib/nls/loc
   cp En_US.IBM-850.src gwm.src

2. Edit the newly created locale source file to change the locale
   variables to the desired values:

   vi gwm.src
   change the %e to %d in
   d_t_fmt "%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Z %Y"

3. Compile the locale definition source file:

   localedef -f IBM-850 -i gwm.src gwm

4. LOCPATH=/usr/lib/nls/loc; export LOCPATH

Note: All setuid and setgid programs will ignore the LOCPATH
      environment variable.

5. Set the corresponding environment variable or variables:

   LC_TIME=gwm; export LC_TIME

This solved your problem.

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