How to Restore Files to a Different Location (TAR)

  Env:  AIX 3.2.5
        RISC 360
        Tape 8mm 5gb  (7208-011)

  Desc:  Customer would like to restore his tar backup to a different
         directory other than the one where they were first backed up.


         tar -tvf /dev/rmt0   Getting a table of contents of the tape.

          So the files are in a realtive path names
          So the customer has two choices on restoring these files.
          METHOD ONE:
          (Only works with relative backups)

         cd \
         tar -xvpf /dev/rmt0

         METHOD TWO:
         (Will work on both absolute and relative path name backups)
         pax -s !/old string/!/rename string/! -rvf /dev/rmt0 -pmop

         So this will rename "old string" to "rename string"

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Dated: January 1995 Category: N/A
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