Getting the error sysrest[127]: ls not found.


Env:  AIX 3.2.4   
      sysback ver
      8mm tape 2.3gb

     Customer created a sysback full system backup on his 980 and
     then tried to restore it on a old 5xx.  After all the files
     had been restore he got this error message:
     sysrest[127]: ls not found.  And the system just hangs.

    Looked at /usr/lpp/sysback/inst/sysrest   script, line 127:
    cd /dev && ls | backbyname -irf$MROOT/tmp/ram.devs >/dev/null 2>&1

    1.  His sysback full system backup was only 250mb in size.
    2.  df  showed there was atleast 500mb in rootvg used
        not all the data is being backed up for some reason.
    3.  sysrestore -lf /dev/rmt1 -v rootvg | tee \
       /dev, /etc, /home, /sybase
       no /usr filesystem was there on this tape

     4.  df  /usr
         That looked fine

     5.    sysback -vpf /dev/rmt1 | tee \
           did not include the /usr, and /bin directory
           cd /tmp and checked the list file and no /usr or bin files

     6.  mkvgback -pv /dev/rmt1 | tee \
         Same result.

     7.  /usr/sbin/getlvminfo -V rootvg > file
         hd2 was in that file

     8.  vi /etc/filesystems
         check the stanz for /usr:
         It looked ok

     9.  grep -p "dev.*=.*/dev/hd2[  ]*$" /etc/filesystems >/tmp/TMPFILE
         We looked at the /tmp/TMPFILE and found
         two stanzs one for /home: and the other for /usr:

    10.  vi /etc/filesystems
         We looked at the stanz for /home:  it did not have a space
         between /usr:, so we added one blank line.

  That fixed the problem

Support Line: Getting the error sysrest[127]: ls not found. ITEM: AC3400L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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