db2 question


 ENV: DB2 running on sun/solaris

DESC: task running in db2 on sun/solaris and hanging; has some kind of
      lock; wants to know how to stop the task


   Env: DB2 2.1.2, SUN 2.5
   Desc: getting sql0911 on backup
   Action: customer is running db2 server on SUN Solaris machine which
     is being accessed by several clients. One of the many clients is
      an OS/2 Client which is running db2 product called 'flight'. 
      Customer takes online backups and they are successful. She 
      thinks that when 'flight' is running and online backup is tried
      it fails with sql0911 error and also refers to some deadlocks(?).
      After stopping the 'flight' application it all works fine.
      I tried to duplicate the situation and was able to take a 
      db2 backup while flight was running. 
      Spoke with the customer and gave her my test results. Now She
      wants to take a backup regardless of having flight running or
      not running. She tried 'Force applications all' and it does not
      remove the applications. She waited for several hours and then 
      tried 'List applications' and that 'flight' application is still
      there. She wants to clean up this process. I suggested for her
      not to kill this process because this may lead to stray ipcs 
      processes which we won't be able to cleanup. The only option for
      removing that application is to do 'db2stop -kill' but she could
      not stop a running database since it is being accessed by users.
      Asked her for db2diag, syslog and trace.
   Next Action: will download testcase and call her back after my
   Test Case: yes.


action: downloaded the testcase. db2diag file indicates -2038 and 
    -911. slq2038 means that a database system error occurred
          during processing.  
    Explanation:  A database system error was encountered
    during the processing of one of the utilities.  
    and sql911 means that current transaction has been rolled back
    because of a deadlock or timeout. She gets a rc=68 which means
    that transaction are rolled back due to lock timeout.  
    The application is rolled back to the previous COMMIT.  
    Left message for customer to call me back and I will ask her 
    about the DLCHKTIME for the deadlocks. Seems like she will have to
    do db2stop -kill to clean up the dangling flight application but
    she cannot do that since database is currently in use.
    They do however, reboot their machine once a week.
nextaction: waiting on customer callback.


Support Line: db2 question ITEM: BS3808L
Dated: November 1998 Category: N/A
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