Netview - Configuration


   netview 6000 - screens are blank /working last night but this
   morning the screens are blank
ENV:  AIX 3.2.5, Netview 2.1 w/ U431608

1. Check the Motif level by issuing:
   ls -l /usr/lib | grep Motif returns  
       libXm.a -> /usr/lpp/X11/Motif1.2/lib/libXm.a                                                                
2. Verify that the /usr/OV/bin/nv6000 script contains:              
   export LIBPATH=/usr/lpp/X11/lib/R5:/usr/lpp/X11/lib:/lib                  
3. Check the filesystem sizes:
   Filesystem      Space Free (KB)
  /usr/OV         20000
  /tmp            5000
  /var            5000
   To determine how much filesystem space you have,
  go into each subdirectory listed above and type
    df .
4. As a general rule, page space should be:
    3 x RAM   for small  (48-96 MB) memories
    2.5 x RAM for medium (128-192 MB) memories
    2 x RAM   for large  (256+ MB) memories
  but remember that your page space should be at least 192 MB.
  To determine how much page space you have, type
    lsps -a
  You can use SMIT to increase the size of your page space.
5. The amount of RAM required is based upon the size of your network 
   and the number of concurrent users.  In the chart below, an "object"
   is a database entry that relates to all or part of a network device.  
   To determine how many objects are in your NetView for AIX database, 
     /usr/OV/bin/ovobjprint -S
   If you do not have NetView For AIX installed, then the number of 
   objects will be approximately 2 to 3 times the number of addressable 
   devices in your network.
   Number of Objects     Recommended RAM (one user) (MB)
  0-1999                  48 (Version 2), 64 (Version 3)
  2000-4999               64
  5000-9999               80
  10000-14999             96
  15000-20000            112
  >20000                >112
 32 MB of extra RAM is required for each additional operator.  Furthermore,
if you are using additional applications like TroubleTicket, then you may
require more memory.  Consult the application's documentation to determine
exactly how much more memory you may need.
 As an example, a managing station for a network with 1000 addressable
devices (approximately 3000 objects), one additional user on an Xstation,
and no additional applications would require 96 MB of RAM.
   To determine how much memory your current system has, type
    lscfg | grep mem

6.Check PTF level, order latest PTF for customer.


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