ITEM: L5275L

How to limit filesystems backed up by mksysb


ENV: AIX 3.2.5

DESC:  Need to know how to exclude mounted filesystems from mksysb backup

ACTION:  After testing, this can be accomplished as follows:
  1.  mkszfile
  2.  vi /.fs.size  -- delete the lines for the filesystems that you
                   do not want included in your mksysb
  3.  mksysb \

  NOTE:  Mksysb will only backup the mounted filesystems that are listed
         in the .fs.size file.
         A problem could arise when you restore from the mksysb.  Since
         the filesystems  are not listed in the .fs.size file, the 
         locial volumes/filesystems WILL NOT be created.   Before 
         restoring data, the lvs/fs must be createad manually.

Support Line: How to limit filesystems backed up by mksysb ITEM: L5275L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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