ITEM: M6570L

Can't start cmvc daemons. db2 used.


need help getting cmvc daemon to run


env:  3.2.5, cmvc 2.2
desc: Caller says she has just installed cmvc and cannot get daemons started.
She tried to start as root, but she got a message saying daemons must
be started by a a family user, or something similar.  When she switched  to
the family user, she got message saying "could not load program or library"
or something similar.  She had LIBPATH set as described in book.
    Caller is using DB2.


Customer had installed DB2/6000 according to the DB2 installation
instructions.  There is a step that mentions the cfg/db2ln command as
optional.  This command creates a link from /usr/lib to
db2/lib/libdb2.a.  The cmvcd command requires that the libdb2.a
archive be available; since cmvcd is a set-UID application, the
archive must reside in /lib or /usr/lib.  Unless the db2ln command is
run, the link from /usr/lib to /usr/lpp/db2*/lib/libdb2.a doesn't
exist, and the cmvc daemons will not load.  Thus, the db2ln command is
not optional when running DB2 under CMVC.

The customer manually created a link using the command

   ln -s /usr/lpp/db2*/lib/libdb2.a /usr/lib

and the daemons loaded properly.

Support Line: Can't start cmvc daemons. db2 used. ITEM: M6570L
Dated: June 1996 Category: N/A
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