Downloading microcode to SSA disk fails.

 ENV: 7013-J40, 7133, 4.1.5, SSA RAID

        Customer is attempting to update the disk drive microcode 
        for his drives from 6561 and 8473 to 8372. This worked on
        the first 7 drives (pdisk0 to pdisk6), but failed on the last
        one he was trying to upgrade the microcode to (pdisk7).
        Customer is trying to download the microcode using the

        ssadload -d pdisk7 -f /etc/microcode/ssadisk.ros.DFHC.8372

        I had the customer shutdown system, power cycle all 7133's
        and then bring the system back up and try to update the 
        microcode only to the pdisk that failed.

        Customer was trying to change the microcode level for the
        drives that were at level 8473 to match the level for his
        other drives which were at level 8372 using the 'ssadload'
        command.  This failed as it did before.

        The reason for the two different levels is due to there being
        two different types of drives and corresponding microcode
        levels.  These microcode levels are dependent upon the type of
        drive being used.  Therefore the customer cannot make all the
        levels the same due to the different types of drives. 

        The (8372) level of disk drive microcode will download to the
        disks with the (6561) level of microcode, and is required when
        the disks will be in a RAID configuration.  The 2 different
        levels can be mixed in a RAID environment and does not create
        any problems.

        None; closing call.


Support Line: Downloading microcode to SSA disk fails. ITEM: CL8331L
Dated: February 1997 Category: N/A
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