Can you change who gets mail from the diagela command

  AIX 4.1.3

  Customer wants to change where diagela sends its mail when
  it finds a possible HardWare problem.  Currently it sends 
  the message to all users that are part of the system group.

  Looking at the infoexplorer entry for the diagela command:
  It has no flags for changing where the mail gets sent.  I then looked 
  at the program itself (which is just a basic ksh script)
  vi /usr/lpp/diagnostics/bin/diagela
  Did a search on mail and found this function in the script: mail_msg()
  In this function I found the area where the mail was being sent:

   /usr/sbin/lsgroup -c -a users system | /usr/bin/grep system: \\
                | /usr/bin/sed "s/system://" | \\
                /usr/bin/awk -F, '{cnt=1; {while (cnt\<=NF) \\
                {print "mail -s diagela",$cnt, \\
                " \ /tmp/diagela.msg"; cnt++;}}}'  /tmp/diagela.mail

The output create from this part of the code is this on my system:
mail -s diagela root  \ /tmp/diagela.msg
mail -s diagela lmiller  \ /tmp/diagela.msg

The problem here is the ksh script for diagela is hardcode, but
since it is a script you can modify it to fit your needs.

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

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