Incorrect HACMP menus after upgrading to HACMP 4.2.1.

ENV:            AIX 4.1.5 or 4.2.x
                Upgrading from HACMP 2.x to HACMP 4.2.1

DESCRIPTION:    After upgrading from HACMP 2.x to HACMP 4.2.x, 
                'smit hacmp' will show you the following incorrect HACMP
                                cluster configuration
                        cluster services
                        manage application servers
                        cluster system management
                        cluster recovery aids
                        manage node environment
                        show environment
                        RAS support
                        verify environment
                        manage cluster services
                        recover from script failure
                        cluster RAS support

ACTION:         This problem appears to be caused by the name of the
                deinstall script changing between HACMP version 2.0 and 
                3.0.  When you attempt to upgrade from HACMP 2.x to HACMP
                4.2.1 only the HACMP 3.x deinstall script is looked for. 
                Since the names are different, the HACMP 2.x deinstall 
                script is never executed.

                The problem can be resolved by following these steps:

                a.  Uninstall HACMP.  Removing all cluster.* filesets.
                b.  Run the cleanup script (below).
                c.  Reinstall HACMP 4.2.1.


\#!/usr/bin/ksh -x
(/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q next_id=cm_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=claddclstr.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=claddnode.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=claddserv.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clchclstr.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clchnode.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clchserv.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clcnfgnode.dialog.OR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clcnfgnode.dialog.RR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clcnfgnode.dialog.RTP
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clcnfgnode.dialog.TOR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clcsclev.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cllscf.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cllsclstr.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cllsif.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cllsnode.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cllsnw.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clmanage.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clrecover.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clrmclstr.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clrmif.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clrmnode.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clrmres.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clrmserv.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clshowres.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clshowsrv.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clstart.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clstop.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=clverify.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_add_notifymeth.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_change_notifymeth.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_del_notifymeth.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_delndenv.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.HS.AS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.HS.STBY
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.MT.PS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.MT.SS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.OST.PAS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.OST.SAS/STBY
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.RS.PAS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.TPT.PAS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.TPT.SAS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_hardcfg.dialog.TPT.STBY
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_scan_scripts_log.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_scan_syslog.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_watch_scripts_log.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=cm_watch_syslog.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_hdr -q id=configchk.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_claddserv.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clchserv.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clcnfgnode.dialog.OR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clcnfgnode.dialog.RR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clcnfgnode.dialog.RTP
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clcnfgnode.dialog.TOR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clcsclev.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.claddclstr
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.claddnode
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clchclstr
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clchnode
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.HS.AS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.HS.STBY
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.MT.PS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.MT.SS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.OST.PAS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.OST.SAS/STBY
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.RS.PAS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.TPT.PAS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.TPT.SAS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clhardcfg.dialog.TPT.STBY
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.cllscf
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.cllsclstr
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.cllsif
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.cllsnode
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.cllsnw
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clrecover
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clrmclstr
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clrmif
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clrmnode
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clstart
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.clstop
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clm.configchk
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clrmres.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clrmserv.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clshowres.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_clverify.dialog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_cm.add_notifymeth
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_cm.change_notifymeth
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_cm.del_notifymeth
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_cm.scan_scripts_log
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_cm.scan_syslog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_cm.watch_scripts_log
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=_cm.watch_syslog
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=clcsclev.dialog_name
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=clcsclev.select_node
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_cmd_opt -q id=clmanage.option
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cfg_node
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cllsif_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cllsnode_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cllsnw_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=clmanage
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=clruncmd
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=clshow
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=clstart
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=clstop
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_EN_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_adddel_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_cfg_app
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_cfg_nd
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_configure_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_log_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_ras_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_show_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_show_whole
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_startstop_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=cm_trace_menu
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_menu_opt -q id=hacmp
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=claddnetadapter_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=claddnode_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=clchclstr_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=clchnode_select_name
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=clchnode_select_node
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cllsif_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cllsnode_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cllsnw_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=clrmclstr_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=clrmif_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=clrmnode_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_change_notifymeth_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_chcnfg_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_del_notifymeth_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_hardcnfg_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_noderole_select.HS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_noderole_select.MT
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_noderole_select.OST
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_noderole_select.RS
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_noderole_select.TPT
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=cm_scan_scripts_log_select
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=node_list_OR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=node_list_RR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=node_list_TOR
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=node_list_TOR_
/usr/bin/odmdelete -o sm_name_hdr -q id=nodeid_list_RTP
) > /tmp/odmclean.log

Support Line: Incorrect HACMP menus after upgrading to HACMP 4.2.1. ITEM: DS1611L
Dated: September 1997 Category: N/A
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