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Sometimes CMVC goes away; why?


On occasion, the tool dies after completing some arbitrary task.  Even
though the task completes, why does CMVC die?



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A likely reason for CMVC to be mysteriously dying is the fact that it
is an X11R4 application.  Most environments under 3.2.4 and 3.2.5 will
use X11R5; there are some incompatibilities between R4 and R5, and
these may be causing CMVC to fail.  I recommend that the customer set
the LIBPATH environment variable to point to the R4 libraries first:

export LIBPATH=/usr/lpp/X11/lib

before running CMVC.  This statement can also be added to the Motif
menus, if desired in this manner:

f.exec "export LIBPATH=/usr/lpp/X11/lib && cmvc"


Customer was using the R5 libraries.  They will try setting the
LIBPATH variable and see if the problem continues.

Support Line: Sometimes CMVC goes away; why? ITEM: G5399L
Dated: March 1994 Category: N/A
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