uux-not working:uucp remote command sending

 model f30 running 4.2.1

 Can not get one of several boxes to run remote command after doing
a uux to the box.

Central server sends out files to 5 boxes via uucp.  All the 
child boxes get the files ok.

Now the server sends out commands to run on the child boxes via uux
command. 4 of 5 work fine. 1 will not run the command.

You compare /etc/uucp/Permissions on a working and the non-working
box. They look the same

To trouble shoot the uux operation we need to queue up the 
job using a -r flag and on the client, temporarly rename the 
file /usr/sbin/uucp/uuxqt to something else.  In this way
we can watch jobs go from system to system just like we
do in remote printing troubleshooting.

Here is how it works.  A server box sends a remote command to a client
buy queuing up the command with: 
\#uux -r meteor!qprt -P40pcl /u/wempner/junk 
        (the above command, which is run on fozzy, says:
        send the command 'qprt -P40pcl /u/wempner/junk' to
        the system meteor and meteor will run the command)
        (NOTE: if the -r were not used in the above command
        uucico will be involked immediately and the files
        transferred without waiting for uucico from cron or
        a Uutry command)

When the command is run you can see the files queued up:
/var/spool/uucp/meteor> ls
C.meteorN6c80   D.meteo6c813ec

\#vi C.meteorN6c80

S D.meteo6c813ec X.meteorN6c80 root - D.meteo6c813ec 0666 root

\#vi D.meteo6c813ec

U root fozzy
\# to return status on failure.                                                
\# to return address for status, or input return.
R root                                   
C qprt -P40pcl /u/wempner/junk          

The command file (C.) is the same as any command file in uucp.  The
data file (D.) contains the command and any date for the remote system.

NOTE: the command file has listed a X. file to be sent.  This is the
trigger to the client that it is a file to be run as a command.

Once meteor recieves the file from fozzy, meteor's uucico daemon 
calls /usr/sbin/uucp/uuxqt.  uuxqt then runs againist the file
found in /var/spool/uucp/fozzy on meteor.

[meteor]:/var/spool/uucp/fozzy> ls

\#vi X.meteorN6c82

U root fozzy
\# to return status on failure.
Z\# to return address for status, or input return.
R root
C qprt -P40pcl /u/wempner/junk

NOTICE: the X.meteorN6c80 file on meteor is the name of the file as
told to meteor by fozzy's control file and it contains the data
as seen in fozzy's data file that was sent.

When not in trouble shooting mode, the uux on the server is used
without the -r and the job is send as soon as the command is 
issued.  On the client the command is run as soon as it is revcieved.

NOTE: The Permissions on both systems must allow the command to
be run that is trying to be run.

OK..The same test on his system that worked on mine does not work.

We save his Permissions file and change the original: 

still we can not get his client to print.

On client we do:
\#ls /var/spool/uucp/pdxhst/*   (pdxhst is the uucp server hostname)
there are about 50 X.something files in here.

You tell uucico has the correct permissions but the wrong owner
and group. It should be:

\#ls -l /usr/sbin/uucp/uucico
-r-sr-xr-x   1 uucp     uucp  135740 Mar 26 1997 /usr/sbin/uucp/uucico
        (for a 4.2.1 box)

We change the owener and group to uucp.
You do : /usr/sbin/uucp/uuxqt but the pdxhst directory is not

I suggest you clean out the directory: \#rm *
Ok.. on the server you do:
uux client!qprt -Pkevin /etc/uucp


OK.. It appears uuxqt only runs once for each occurence of the 

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