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Customer is using "lp -n5" to print and gets 5 copies
to a local queue, but only 1 to a remote queue.

The flags that get sent to a remote printer depend on
the statfilter for the remote queue and possibly the
rembak -X flag.

You did not say what the remote server was:  AIX, SUN, Print
server, etc.

Here is what I see:

AIX Client  -->  Remote Server  (running lpd)

1.  If the remote server is AIX, the "lp -n5 -d\ \
    should work with no problems.
2.  If the remote server is not AIX, then this may or may not work.
    The key is in the "s_statfilter = /usr/lib/lpd/aixshort"
    If this is set, then AIX passes "enq" flags in the control
    file sent to the remote system.

If you have access to a web browser inside of IBM see: 

The control file can be seen by using an iptrace.  When aixshort
is set as the s_statfilter, then the control file looks like this:
The filters at the top (Haix4prt, Proot, ..) that are separated by
a linefeed (0a in center column shows as period in right column)
are flags that are defined by the LPD standard in rfc1179.  The
flags in the center starting with "-o" are "qprt formatting flags"
also called "other flags".  These are ONLY sent if aixshort is
the filter, or rembak has the -X flag.  They will not be interpreted
properly by NON-AIX lpd's.  Finilly the flags at the bottom are the
"enq flags".  These are the valid AIX flags for "enq" as shown from
a "man enq".  These flags are only sent with "aixshort".  Notice the
-N1 flag.  This indicates that there will be one copy.  If you send
from one AIX system to another this should be -N4 for four copies.
This will not mean anything to another system.

00000000     48616978 34707274 0a50726f 6f740a66     |Haix4prt.Proot.f|
00000010     64664134 36366169 78347072 740a5564     |dfA466aix4prt.Ud|
00000020     66413436 36616978 34707274 0a4e2f76     |fA466aix4prt.N/v|
00000030     61722f74 6d702f70 696f726c 66625f31     |ar/tmp/piorlfb_1|
00000040     36393534 0a2d6f2d 640a2d6f 700a2d6f     |6954.-o-d.-op.-o|
00000050     2d6a0a2d 6f300a2d 6f2d4a0a 2d6f300a     |-j.-o0.-o-J.-o0.|
00000060     2d6f2d5a 0a2d6f30 0a2d4e31 0a2d5a72     |-o-Z.-o0.-N1.-Zr|
00000070     6f6f7440 61697834 7072740a 2d74726f     |oot@aix4prt.-tro|
00000080     6f744061 69783470 72740a2d 542f7661     |ot@aix4prt.-T/va|
00000090     722f746d 702f7069 6f726c66 625f3136     |r/tmp/piorlfb_16|
000000a0     3935340a                                |954.            |

If you use the "bsdshort" filter, then the "LPD Standard" part of the
file will contain "four" copies of the filename "dfA466aix4prt".
This should work for NON-AIX LPD's, but is dependent on the lpd

For testing I did this:
\# iptrace -p 515 -a -b -s aix4prt -d tesch flag.trace
 lp -n5 -dtesch aaaa.test 
 vi /etc/qconfig and change the aixshort and aixlong to bsdshort
    and bsdlong
 lpstat -vloclqueue - to redigest the /etc/qconfig file
  lp -n5 -dtesch aaaa.test 
  ps -ef | grep iptra
  kill \
  ipreport flag.trace >

Control file one:
00000000     48616978 34707274 0a50726f 6f740a66     |Haix4prt.Proot.f|
00000010     64664135 31336169 78347072 740a5564     |dfA513aix4prt.Ud|
00000020     66413531 33616978 34707274 0a4e6161     |fA513aix4prt.Naa|
00000030     61612e74 6573740a 2d4e350a 2d5a726f     |aa.test.-N5.-Zro|
00000040     6f744061 69783470 72740a2d 74726f6f     |ot@aix4prt.-troo|
00000050     74406169 78347072 740a2d54 61616161     |t@aix4prt.-Taaaa|
00000060     2e746573 740a                           |.test.          |

Control file for BSD:
00000000     48616978 34707274 0a50726f 6f740a66     |Haix4prt.Proot.f|
00000010     64664135 31346169 78347072 740a6664     |dfA514aix4prt.fd|
00000020     66413531 34616978 34707274 0a666466     |fA514aix4prt.fdf|
00000030     41353134 61697834 7072740a 66646641     |A514aix4prt.fdfA|
00000040     35313461 69783470 72740a66 64664135     |514aix4prt.fdfA5|
00000050     31346169 78347072 740a5564 66413531     |14aix4prt.UdfA51|
00000060     34616978 34707274 0a4e6161 61612e74     |4aix4prt.Naaaa.t|
00000070     6573740a                                |est.            |

This should give you enough to figure out the problem.  With an AIX
server, these both printed 5 copies.

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