Cannot find file: /usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles3!


  AIX 4.1 and AIX 3.2

  Customer has one node at AIX 4.1 that is acting as a server
  it was just upgraded from AIX 3.2 to AIX 4.1(server).  
  The other node is at AIX 3.2 (client).  When the customer
  tries to create a fullsystem backup using sysback from
  the client to the server he gets this error message:
  Rewinding /dev/rmt0 ...
  Generating volume group information ..
  Cannot find file: /usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles3!
  sysback: Unable to create bootable tape

  The problem is on the server side.  His /usr/sbin/
  is not linked to the correct file.  It should be linked to
  /usr/sbin/mkboottape4, but it was still linked to  
  /usr/sbin/mkboottape3 (carry over from AIX 3.2)
  The problem is this:
  When you upgrade from AIX 3.2 to AIX 4.1 sysback will convert
  itself, but only when you run a sysback command on the server
  first.  The customer did not do this as of yet.  What I had
  the customer do was do a force over install of sysback on
  his AIX 4.1 node to correct this problem.

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval


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