ITEM: K1298L

DCE: DTS time sync from an internet NTP server

AIX 3.2.5
DCE for AIX version 1.2
model 570


The customer would like to know the following:

1. Howto make DCE's DTS synchronize from an internet NTP time server?

2. Howto change the number of time servers to synchronize with to 1?

1. There is sample code provided "as-is" with the DCE base software. The 
sample code is to synchronize with an external time provider (via 
modem, Spectracom radio clock device, Traconex radio clock device, NTP
internet time server, or a "null" time provider).

The code is located in the /usr/lpp/dce/examples/dts directory.

For a NTP server, use the "dts_ntp_provider" program. There are directions
to build and configure this in the README file and the source code for the

2. For a current running DTS system, use the following commands:

  - login to AIX as root
  - dtscp set servers required 1

This will be effective for the current running system only.
The dtscp command can be added to the end of /etc/rc.dts to make the
change exist across system restarts.

Support Line: DCE: DTS time sync from an internet NTP server ITEM: K1298L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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