ITEM: L7950L

Client is having problems doing a tar backup to a tape.

 3.2.5, 8mm 5GB tape drive, bs=1024, 
 density setting 1 = 140, density setting 2= 20

DESC: Does a tar -cf /dev/rmt0.1 and it returns

 tar: 0511-195: error occurred while writing to storage media. A
system call received a parameter which is not valid.

ACT: verified his block size and density settings. Had him remove the
tape drive with rmdev -l rmt0 -d and then ran cfgmgr to readd the tape
drive. Was then able to do a tar backup to the tape drive.


DESC: he is getting the same error as above.

ACT: researching and test.

TEST: made 3 image backup and tried to over write after the 1st image
and got the same errors as the customer.

I then tctl rewind, tctl fsf 1, tctl bsf 1, tctl weof and then a tar.
This worked if I used extend file markers set to yes, if extended file
markers is set to no this did not work either.


called custoemr back and want to pass the results of my test along.

if he is using extended file markers he can tctl fsf to the spot on
the tape where he wants to start writing and then run

   tctl bsf 1
   tctl weof
he should then be able to put a new tar image down. This worked only
when we are using extended file markers. If this was not set to yes then
this did not work and there is no work around to tar to the middle of this

Support Line: Client is having problems doing a tar backup to a tape. ITEM: L7950L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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