Routers Not Discovered - U433539

E:  Netview 2.1, PTF U433066
D:  Just installed new routers and netview won't discover them and 
    put them on the map. Did a remote ping to the router (using netview),
    pinged fine.  Still did not help the discovery.  Gave warning about 
    using secondary addressing with his routers (he does not know if he 
    is or not).  He is getting an error with his router - traps from 
    router, can't discover, incorrect community name.
A:  Did smnpwalk, this works, his routers seem to be fine. Pinged 
    through netview, still does not discover, pinged remotely, the 
    same.  He has another machine running netview, which has an older 
    ptf and has discovered the new routers.  Getting an invalid 
    community name error on his file cards.
    Netview/6000 has a disocvery problem at ptf u433066, please install 
    PTF U433539 

Support Line: Routers Not Discovered - U433539 ITEM: AB8531L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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