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Link problems compiling streams test program


I am compiling a test STREAMS program called multi with the following line : 

xlC -g -o multi multi.C $ENV_CFLAGS 

and I am getting link errors. The errors indicate that calls to getmsg() and putmsg() 
are not recognized. Can you help me clear up these errors? 

You need to reference the pse.exp library in your compile please change the line to 
read as follows: 

xlC -g -o multi multi.C $ENV_CFLAGS -bI:/lib/pse.exp 

This solved your link problem. 


When you try to run your program, the system responds immediatly with : 
also when you try to load multi into dbx it says : 
Warning cannot execute multi 

You need to make sure that the streams /dev/dlpi drivers are loaded. Not having 
them loaded can create this problem. You ran 'strload' and your program works 

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