Doing SLIP to a server that dynamically assigns IP addresses

AIX 3.2.5

How can I do PPP from the N40?

Since the N40 is running 3.2.5 and the N40 can't run 4.1.x, you
can't use the PPP for AIX from IBM.  Morningstar software makes a PPP
for AIX 3.2.5, but you may wish to consider SLIP as an alternative
as it is included with AIX 3.2.5.

You are dialing from the N40 laptop running AIX 3.2.5 to an IBM 8235
server.  You get connected and log in when dialing up to it with
cu, but each time it dynamically gives out a different IP address,
so how can this situation be handled?

We did the following workaround:

1) Dial up to the 8235 with cu or other dial-up program.
   Log in and start up SLIP.  It will tell you your IP address
   and its (8235) IP address.

2) In another window: rm /etc/locks/LCK..tty1
                      ifconfig sl1 \ \<8235_IP> up
                      slattach tty1

3) Kill the cu or other process from step 1 if it isn't killed by
   slattach when you start it in step 2.

4) Add any necessary route's using the 8235's IP address as the

A rather odd workaround, but it certainly did get your SLIP link up
and functioning without need of buying a PPP software package.
It is possible to write a script to automate some of these steps.

Support Line: Doing SLIP to a server that dynamically assigns IP addresses ITEM: BQ5411L
Dated: November 1996 Category: N/A
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