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Version 4 Client/Server problem - rpc.statd errors



 I keep picking up rpc.statd errors on my netview/aix 4.1 machines.
 specifically the rpc.statd errors indicate that it cannot talk to
 a previously configured netview/aix 4.1 client. any idea what is
 causing this.


 Client/Server uses the system rpc.statd and rpc.lockd facilities
 for managing lock access and Read/Write access to Network maps when
 the maps are stored on the Server in an NFS mode.

  If things are abruptly aborted, and the client can no longer talk
 to the server, or vice versa, then these messages will occur.

 What you need to do is:
   1. Stop all daemons and GUI interfaces.
   2. stopsrc -s rpc.lockd
   3. stopsrc -s rpc.statd
   4. Look in the /etc/sm and /etc/sm.bak directories for a file whose
      name is the hostname of the machine that exists in the error msg.
      Delete those files.
   5. startsrc -s rpc.statd
   6. startsrc -s rpc.lockd
   7. Restart the daemons, and GUIs.

 Basically, rpc.lockd and rpc.statd knew that there was a lock being
 held by the client machine.  When restarted, it is attempting to
 communicate with the rpc.statd on the client to verify the lock access.
 Because the machine is not reachable, the error message is being

 For more info, check out the man pages for "statd" and "lockd".

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