remote jfsrestore command error [243]:0 unknown test operator

    AIX 3.2.5
    RISC: SP2 model 58H has the tape drive
    Tape 8mm 5gb

DESC:  Customer is trying to restore remotely from a mkjfsback but 
       gets an error msg:
      /usr/sbin/jfsrestore [243]:0: unknown test operator
       He gets this error on the command line and also via smit
       He only gets the error message after the restore is done
       successfully.  What is the problem?  

ACTION:  The customer is able to do local restores from this
         mkjfsback using the jfsrestore command with no problems or
         error messages.

         After talking with the developer on this problem it turns 
         out to be a none fatal bug with sysback \<=    12/27/94  PROBLEM:
                jfsrestore produces the following error message when
                listing or restoring from remote backups:
                /usr/sbin/jfsrestore[244]: 0: unknown test operator 

                Fix applied. This does not impact operation of the

                None. This message may be ignored.

Support Line: remote jfsrestore command error [243]:0 unknown test operator ITEM: AE4605L
Dated: January 1995 Category: N/A
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