Network hangs on LED 610

  AIX 4.1.4
  two 250s

Customer is failing on led 610 when he tries to do a network boot from
one 250 to another.  This happens right after he is asked to configure
his console and before the sysback installation menu.

He has compared his lpp's on each system to make
sure that everything possible is installed.

We hard coded the host's ip address into the rc.boot file per AP1408

This didn't help.

He also was running DNS and shut it down and tried to run this again, 
and it still hung at led 610.

Will research and call customer back.


Act: send customer fax on fixdist and let him get APAR (IX54851)

Next: waiting on customer response


Customer would like the APAR IX54851.

Firewall prohibited access to Fixdist.

We put a copy out on
in the aix/fromibm/pub directory.

The customer successfully downloaded it, we instructed him that it
was in tar format and will need to extract it and install it on the
proper machine.

If the customer calls back, make sure that he has installed this
successfully, has rebooted the machine, and then has rebuilt the
install image.  He must reboot the machine before rebuilding the
install image for the changes to be put into the image and he must
rebuild the install image for these changes to take effect.

Customer had successfully installed the APAR but had not rebooted
before rebuilding his image.

Customer will do this.

waiting on call back.

Action:  Customer is still hanging on led 611 after rebooting and
  rebuilding the boot image.


Action:  Had customer run instfix -i IX54851 to confirm that all
  filesets were found.

  Customer will make a backup of his rootvg and send this tape in.

  Will try and recreate his system in the lab

Next:  Wait on tape



Customer has found 3 or 4 components of bos.ent that were not
installed correctly.  He installed these and got past the 611 error
on the network boot on the local gateway.

Now he is getting an error getimagelist not found when he selects
to install, then he gets the no install images were found message.


Had customer go into the maintenance shell and look for

This file what there, so the client machine was connecting correctly
but somehow the restore scripts were not finding the getimagelist file.

The customer is going to remove sysback from the client and then 
re-install it.

waiting on call back.



Customer no longer experiences the 611 problem with booting within
the subnet, but he still has the original 610 problem, booting
from another subnet.

We will be researching this problem, we are able to re-create it in
the lab.


Customer called back asking for status on led 610 problem.

I found a sysback problem item 6782122 on aixnts which was closed.
Called Tony Johnston who said that 610 means that this problem is one
where sysback is hanging trying to mount remote /usr.  He said that he
is doing the same thing that NIM is doing and that it has a similar


This problem was found to happen with using a gateway at 4.1.4.
In the /usr/lpp/sysback/netinst/boot/rc.boot4 file the line:

        if [ "$BOOT_GATE_IP" -ne 0 ]

Must be changed to:

        if [ "$BOOT_GATE_IP" != 0 ]

This is line 121 on our version.

Then the boot image must be rebuilt.

The problem is that the -ne option in the korn shell at 4.1.4 is 
not supported for comparing character strings.

The customer changed this line and rebuilt the image and the install

Sending out latest version of sysback.


Customer is trying to do a network restore from a sysback image.
He is getting this message:

sbdevice: cannot open /usr/lpp/sysback/images/4.1.4images
sbdevice: permission denied

Had customer check the .remote_access file on the host:

+all:+all:all:/usr/lpp/sysback/images/4.1.4images       \\

This looks OK.
Had customer check permissions on:

He needed to give write and read permission to sbnet user.


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