ITEM: N5708L

Workbench: global inheritance graph & C++ browser


workbench.obj =

When trying to use the "global inheritance graph" function, 
customer reports the following error:
    No data files found

Desc:   Spoke with customer.  Told customer that in order for the               
        C++ browser to have some files to work with that the program
        must be compiled with the -qbrowse option.  This option can 
        be entered directly with the xlC command or can be set with 
        workbench by using the Options-->Compile Mode menu from the 
        Workbench-Program Builder window.  Using this option will produce
        files with an extension of .txref which is used as input to 
        the browser.

Support Line: Workbench: global inheritance graph & C++ browser ITEM: N5708L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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