Network boot hanging on led 610

  AIX 4.1.4
  RISC SMP (sp2 node) high node

  Customer is doing a network boot from a 580 and booting up
  the smp (sp2 node) from it.  It hung on led 610

  I had the customer check these things
  the /etc/bootptab file and /tftpboot/\.sbinfo
  The sa entry was for the wrong network interface for the
  server.  Also the value in the \.sbinfo file had
  the wrong values for SPOTSRV, SPOTGATE, INSTSRV, and INSTGATE.  These
  values should be set to the IPADDRESS for the server's ent0.  
  This value must use the correct ip address for the
  correct network interface that the client is using.  The customer
  was using ent1 ipaddress, he should have been using ent0 ipaddress
  instead.  Once the customer did this:
  smitty sysback
    Configuration Options
       Network Boot Configuration
         Add or Change a Network Boot Client

Client Network Adapter Type                        [ethernet] 
Client HOSTNAME                                    [sp2bm]
Server IP ADDRESS                                  []
Client Gateway ADDRESS (optional)                  []
Client SUBNET MASK (optional)                      []
Client Adapter HARDWARE ADDRESS (optional)         []

Once the customer put the correct value for Sever IP ADDRESS for
ent0 it corrected the problem.  This smit menu will update both
the bootptab file and the \.sbinfo file as well.

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: Network boot hanging on led 610 ITEM: CI1258L
Dated: November 1996 Category: N/A
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