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Lexical errors installing U428228


I am running AIX 3.2.0 and I am trying to install U428228 which 
is the new installp command and I am receiving lexical errors.
Can you help?


We tried to install the ptf from the command line using:

installp -BNXacgq -d/dev/rmt0.1 bos.obj | \\
tee /tmp/installptf.log

This failed with a lexical error.  

This is a KNOWN problem with U428228.  This ptf is not installable
on systems at levels 3.2.3e or below.  The work around is to install
U422467 first and then U428228.

There is a fix for the broken ptf, APAR IX43467 which is U430214.

Support Line: Lexical errors installing U428228 ITEM: K3660L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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