changing a user's password using nis

ENV:    3.2.5

DESC:   I have an NIS master that I have added new passwd and group
files.  They are /etc/passwd.nis and /etc/group.nis.  I stopped the
yppasswd daemon and restarted it.  Then I go to change the passwd for
a user.  It prompts me for the old passwd or roots passwd.  If I use
the old passwd, all works as it should.  If I use roots passwd, then
it changes the passwd, but it also changes the name of the account to
root.  It does this on all of the maps (master, slave, client)

ptf U435128 will fix this problem.

Support Line: changing a user's password using nis ITEM: AH7873L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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