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NetView - nv6000 -fields error: not a GLOBAL DISPLAY field


I got the following error when running "nv6000 -fields" (V3):

File: /usr/OV/fields/C/bha_fields
Line: 75
Error: Field "PABXType": not a GLOBAL DISPLAY field.

The field is defined in the definition file as follows:

Field "PABXType" {
    Type Enumeration;
    Enumeration "ERICSSON",
    Flags General;
Note that the problem goes away when I remove the "Flags General"
line.  Does anyone know why this error is ocurring?  I cannot
find any documentation regarding the error.

Once you define a field and run ovw -fields, I believe that its definition
is carved in stone (and therefore not changeable) until you either:
  1) delete the field
  2) delete your databases

It appears that the field "PABXType" was previously defined without
the general/global flag, and then, the flag was added to the fields
definition file.  When you ran ovw -fields, "PABXType" couldn't be
changed because it was already defined.

At this point you can do three things:

  1) remove the general flag from the fields definition file.
  2) Write an application to use the OVwDbDeleteField API call
     to delete the field
  3) Delete your databases.

To see how fields are currently defined, from the command line, type

  ovobjprint -f

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