HACMP: shared filesystems think they are in rootvg

Env: AIX 4.1.5,  Model: SP, HA 4.2.2 with no enhancements

Problem: HACMP veryify ... fails
        Customer indicates that when she tries to verify/sync she gets 
        some errors including:  'volume group rootvg is set to autovaryon
        on node X'.  Why are we getting an error about rootvg this way.  

        Verifying SERVICE_LABEL: ddsnode13_srvc
        Verifying Filesystem: /accting
        ERROR: Volume Group rootvg on Node rocky is configured to 
        ERROR: Logical Volumes, Volume Groups, Log Logical Volumes and/or
        PVIDs associated with filesystem '/accting' are not equivalent on
        all Nodes.

Action Taken: Looking at her setup, it could be that the filesystem 
        listed /home is part of rootvg.
        Checked the filesystems that are part of the resource group.  
        /accting and /acctsys are part of prismvg and /home is part of 
        SPhome.  The error being received about rootvg being set to 
        autovaryon is our main problem.  The other error is probably 
        caused by the system she is trying to sync to does not know
        about the prismvg as it is supposed to, needs to export and then 

        Talked with customer and went through process of 
        elimination to find out which filesystem is causing the 
        problem: It looks like /accouting and /spdata on the standby 
        system. When this is put in the resource group and then synced
        it gives the error about rootvg is set to autovaryon.
        At this point the customer's time ran out for normal hours
        so we will pursue this on Monday.

Action Taken: Customer ran some more tests and it looks like /accounting
        and /sphome both cause the HA sync to fail. Looked in 
        /etc/filesystems and /sphome's LV is /dev/sphome which is
        in a shared VG. Had customer run:

        \#cl_fs2disk /sphome
                getlvcb -AT hd1 does show /sphome as the mount point.
        It looks like cl_fs2disk looks in every LV's control block
        for the mount point and it happened to find hd1 before
        sphome LV.
        sphome of course did not have an entry in /etc/filesystem and 
        so we could just remove the LV. After that cl_fs2disk returned
        what we expected for /sphome. A similiar problem was found with
        /accounting and we fixed that.
        We were then able to synchronize successfully.

Action Plan: close


Support Line: HACMP: shared filesystems think they are in rootvg ITEM: FX9502L
Dated: June 1998 Category: N/A
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