DB2 sql1334 error on connect

        AIX 4.2         Model e20

        Receiving sql1334n when connecting to db.

        Customer initially created local db (cms) and then
  cataloged a remote db to point back to the local db (loopback).
  He then uncataloged both dbs and then cataloged the local db with
  a different name (same name as the remote db).  Next he then
  attempted to catalog the remote db with the same name as the
  original local db.

  Had customer uncatalog the remote db and the local db and
  then catalog the 'real' local db which we then dropped.

  A local db was then created with a different name and then
  the remote (loopback) db was cataloged with the desired name.

Support Line: DB2 sql1334 error on connect ITEM: BY1412L
Dated: November 1998 Category: N/A
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