Can't move logical volumes from one volume group to another


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC J30
  Tape 7337 

  I created a backup using this syntax:

  sysback -xf /dev/rmt1 sbvg vg0

  I then varyoff and exported vg0
  which contained these logical volumes "lv03 and sb1lv"

  I ran this command:

  /usr/sbin/remakevg -ln -f/dev/rmt1 -E lv03 sb1lv

  I wanted to move these two logical volumes from vg0 to 
   sbvg volume group.

  I got this error message:

Reading volume label ..
Reading table of contents ..
Cannot create logical volume lv03 because volume group vg0
does not exist or is not varied on.

If I run the command using this syntax:

/usr/sbin/remakevg -ln -Vsbvg -f/dev/rmt1 -E lv03 sb1lv

It works they way I want it to.  The problem is that customer 
cannot do this from smit, only from the command line.

Here is the only options that appear within smit

Hostname of server
  Device or file name                             /dev/rmt1
  Edit the Logical Volume info before proceeding? yes   
  Logical Volume(s) to create                     [lv03 sb1lv]  

CLOSED by tj on 01/06/98 17:51: 
Well, after the option was added to change the name of the 
volume group from within the editvginfo menus, the option was 
removed from SMIT since it seemed unnecessary. I guess there 
are instances when this might still be useful. I thought this 
might be the case, which is why I waited before rmoving the 
option from the command line.

I guess I'll add this option back into SMIT. It also seems the 
same option makes sense when recreating a volume group since 
you might want to remake a volume group that already exists 
under a different name.

I'll close this for now and include the changes in 

Support Line: Can't move logical volumes from one volume group to another ITEM: FC8658L
Dated: January 1998 Category: N/A
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