configuring 3153 terminal function keys.


ACT: customer has several 3151 w/Dec emulation cards.  These are presently
working in vt220 mode.  He is now trying to configure 3153 terminals
and using the vt200/7 emulation.  He set a TERM=vt220.  The function
keys all work.  Following the example of the 3151, he expects the
keys to be mapped as follows:

key label       action  shifted
------------    ------  -------
print screen    F14
scroll lock     help
pause           do
numlock         F1      F17
keypad- /       F2      F18
        *       F3      F19
        -       F4      F20

I had him use "stty -echo;od -xc;stty echo" and found that the print
screen, scroll lock, and pause keys are not sending out any codes
at all.  When I put a local 3153 into the vt200/7 mode, I got the
same result.

Customer Wants keys like 3151 with cartridge:

key label       action  shifted
------------    ------  -------
print screen    F14                     Doesn't output
scroll lock     help                    WHAT is help?
pause           do              Puts ses in HOLD
numlock         F1      F17     Doesn't output
keypad- /       F2      F18     outputs /
        *       F3      F19     outputs *
        -       F4      F20     outputs -

export TERM=vt220
These don't look like keys that will work.  It almost looks like we need a new
terminfo file for this emulation, but the following do work:
F1-F12 work with action same as the key.
shift-F6        F17
shift-F7        F18
shift-F8        F19
shirt-F9        F20

terminfo shows:

Ref manual shows, shift-F1-F4 generate same as unshifted key, F5 generates
ESC[K - which terminfo shows as el  (clear to end of line, but no kel is defined).
shift-F10       ESC[35  no terminfo def
shift-F11       ESC[1~  no terminfo def - but should be 'kend'
shift-F12       ESC[2~  kich1   (insert key)


To remap shift-F1 on the terminal do the following:
ctrl-Scroll Lock                This is terminal def mode.
F12             This is Program Function Key mode
Right Arrow Key         Move to Program=Fkey
Enter Key               Sh-Fkey, now Program=Sh-FKey
Up Arrow 2x to Text field
ctrl-[ [25~             Enter key sequence ctrl-[ for esc
pause           To exit
y               To save

For testing I run tesch:/home/labs/frkeys which now displays F 13.
        kf1=\\EOP,       kf2=\\EOQ,       kf3=\\EOR,       kf4=\\EOS,
        kf6=\\E[17~,     kf7=\\E[18~,     kf8=\\E[19~,     kf9=\\E[20~,
        kf10=\\E[21~,    kf11=\\E[23~,    kf12=\\E[24~,    kf13=\\E[25~,
        kf14=\\E[26~,    kf17=\\E[31~,    kf18=\\E[32~,    kf19=\\E[33~,
        kf20=\\E[34~,    kbs=\^H,         kdo=\\E[29~,     kf5=\\E[M,
        kich1=\\E[2~,    knl=\\r,         knp=\\E[6~,      ktab=\^I,
        kpp=\\E[5~,      khlp=\\E[28~,    civis=\\E[?25l,  cnorm=\\E[?25h,

Customer remapped the F1 key, and with the explaination of the dec.ti
file he will remap the rest on his own.  F1 worked for him on test.

Support Line: configuring 3153 terminal function keys. ITEM: AL8894L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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