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Trying to install 128 port controller up on a remote basis


I have a RISC/6000 model 570 running AIX version 3.2.3e.  I am trying
to get my 128 port controller up on a remote basis through a modem.
Evidently, I am doing something wrong or the documentation is not
correct.  I need some help immediately.


The node on the remote seems to change note numbers from n3 to n8 and
ne.  I haven't seen this before.   What does ne mean.  Wrong node?


FInally got 1 or 2 remote RAN's to work alone with modems.  Key seemed
to be setting the RxClock to INT on the modem, and moving SWITCH to
connect ground.  In addition forcecd was needed in the modem settings.


Customer with our cables and 5822 modems and paradyne modems made the
following matrix:

                         ATT Paradyne          IBM 5822 Modem
Std NE/NF cables:            50 % speed           Not working
Std Impedence Mod NE/NF      Worked               Worked
Low Impedence Mod NE/NF      Not Working          Worked
Low Impedence NE/NF          Not Working          Not Working
Std Impedence Mod NE/NF**    Worked               Worked

Mod NE/NF means pin 5 was disconnected on 25 pin end, and pins 4-20-13
were jumpered together.  The second NE/NF was made by microcomputer
Cables Corp, the first was made here in our lab.

Not that for the IBM 5822, the better solution is to jumper pins 4-6-20,
and leave pin 5 and 13 unjumpered.

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