ITEM: J5654L

channel attachment not working


AIX 3.2.4 model 990

After a reboot of the system, we have lost our channel attachment to the
MVS system.  When device ca0 stopped working, we thought it might be some
configuration problem, so we tried to adjust the values.  When we enacted
this change we received several errors:

method error
0514-064 cause unknown 
0821-552 bad sub-channel address
0821-229 chgif : cannot get records from CuAt
0821-229 chgif : ifconfig command failed
status of ca0 interface in current running system is uncertain.

We made a myksysb of the system, and then restored it.  When the
system was booted up we got a message that the channel adapter was in
an uncertain state.  When we looked at cat0 in smit, it showed that
mksysb had set its ODM definition back to the default values (the
values for mainframe host name and adapter name had been changed).  


You used smit to set the cat0 parameters back to their
correct values, then use `rmdev -l cat`, `mkdev -l cat0` and the ifconfig
command to bring up the interface.

You tried to follow the procedures above however, you received error messages 
indicating that the device was busy. We tried to bring down ca0 and detach it 
ifconfig ca0 down 
ifconfig ca0 detach
 But the device was still busy. We need to attract ca0's attention by installing 
it and then detaching it with: 
ifconfig ca0 up 
ifconfig ca0 down 
ifconfig ca0 detach
rmdev -l cat0 
mkdev -l cat0 
This worked. Next we ran your shell script that runs ifconfig to bring up ca0. 
You varied on the channels and brought up MVS TCPIP and everything works 
fine. You'll duplicate the procedure and call back if there is still a problem. 

If you enter 'smit chgcat' the indicator should show that the true state of 
the BMX adapter Indicator is online. 

Support Line: channel attachment not working ITEM: J5654L
Dated: June 1994 Category: N/A
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