How do I get a permanent nodelock license key for SNA?

   I have installed a "trial" version of IBM Communications Server
   for AIX Version 4 from the Software Development Solutions for
   AIX 4 cdrom.  The temporary nodelock license key for this
   version of Communications Server is about to expire.  How do I
   get a permanent nodelock license key?

   First determine what version of SNA Product it is that you
   have installed.  Do this by issuing the command:
      'lslpp -i sna.rte'
   This will return either 5764-582 or 5765-652.

   Second, change to the /usr/lib/netls/bin directory and issue
   the command:
   This will return the target id for this system.

   Next, contact the IBM Licensing Center at (800) 446-8989.
   Use the product number that you found in step one to request
   a permanent nodelock license key.  You will need to purchase
   this license, just as you would purchase the full product.
   You will be required to give the target id for your system.
   The license will be valid on only this system.  Additional
   licenses will need to be purchased for each additional systems.

   Once you have received the PERMANENT nodelock license key,
   simply append this key to the end of the file
   /usr/lib/netls/conf/nodelock.  This file will also contain the
   old temporary license key which should be removed.

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