Questions regarding 7133 configuration

ENV: Model: 7013-J40  SSA 7133

Problem:  What Firmware is required for SSA 7133 to be bootable ?
-Action:        Before firmware upgrade A9.23 systems cannot boot off an 
        SSA drive if mirroring is involved or there is more than 
        1 SSA adapter in a loop.

        To find out which firmware level a machine has, do:
        1.  Put the Key Mode Switch in Service and boot the system
        2.  Hit the Enter key on the BUMP console
        SystemGuard clears the screen and displays the BUMP prompt
        3.  Enter the keyword "sbb" STAND-BY menu
                STAND-BY MENU
                0 Display Configuration
                1 Set Flags
                2 Set Unit Number
                3 Set Configuration
                4 SSbus Maintenance
                5 I2C Maintenance
-       4. Hoose '0' to Display Config and check that the firmware is
        at level A9.23.  IF the firmware level is lower- than booting
        from an SSA drive will not be possible- except for in a limited
        configuration where the SSA drive is the only drive on an
        SSA adapter.
-       CE is on site and assisting to bring the machine up to
        the BUMP menu and then to the 'sbb' screen.
        when they boot to the StandBY menu they will call back and
        we need to ask them to check for firmware level A9.23 or higher.
        if it is lower- the CE should work with HW support to upgrade it.

Support Line: Questions regarding 7133 configuration ITEM: CI9154L
Dated: April 1997 Category: N/A
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