Using PAP and CHAP with PPP from Windows 95 to AIX

   Env:         4.2    model 570

   Desc:        smitty ppp does not give him the ppp menus.

   Action:      he needs to install in the

DESC:  Customer tried  to start the ppp daemons and got the following
  0513-047: 0513-047 the ppp subsystem could not be started

ACT:  Customer recently installed the  Customer has not
rebooted the system yet.  I told customer that he needs to reboot 
the system for the code to take an affect.  Customer also needs to 
know how to logout a user.  I emailed him the autologout script and 
informed him of the TMOUT variable.

Desc:   Customer ppp connection from Windows95 to 4.2 server
        Customer gets as far as verifying username and password 
        then disconnect.

Act:    Researched and found  Item CMVC 0187341. Used * for 
        CHAP and PAP for all but password. This still did not 
        result in a connection.
        Customer tried not saving passwd and username and entered
        them manually and got a connection.

Support Line: Using PAP and CHAP with PPP from Windows 95 to AIX ITEM: CC0474L
Dated: July 1996 Category: N/A
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