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Print screens from a 3164 to a HP


Using a HP DeskJet 500 on the aux port of both a 3151 and a 3164.
With 7, 1, and space, the 3151 works fine.  The 3164 has no space

Why doesn't the 3164 have this option?

How do I do screen prints to the HP from the 3164?


The 3164 does have the space option, and it showed up.  Don't know why
the user could not see it before.

Screen printing was enabled w/ the following setup parameters on the

  enter    = return
  return   = nl
  nl       = cr-lf
  send     = page
  print    = page (or screen)
  line end = cr-lf

The nl and line end values seem to have made the difference.

Note that the print screen is 24 X 80 chars, or however the screen is
set up.  The terminal has no concept of "first line of non-blank data"
on the screen, so things like login prompts appear way down the page
on the printer.

Support Line: Print screens from a 3164 to a HP ITEM: D6376L
Dated: September 1993 Category: N/A
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