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LVM errors after replacing hard disk


I have a system with 1 internal and 7 esternal drives. The external drives
are a member of the datavg volume group. I have replaced a disk that was
failing and am now getting errors from LVM during varyon that indicate
a device is not found in the ODM.

We replaced the disk before removing the bad disk from the volume group and
now get errors when we try to remove the bad disk definition.


Command "varyonvg datavg" returns
    getlvodm: Unable to find device id 0000000000000000 in device config database

"lspv" shows the following in datavg:  
hdisk3 none none 
hdisk4 000000994e51534c 
hdisk5 000000994dfed500 
hdisk6 000000994dfed68c
hdisk7 000000994dfed7fc 
hdisk8 00001434d4ebca86 
hdisk2 00001434e5079e08 (this is the one that was replaced)

"lqueryvg -p hdisk4 -At" shows 00001434ec4b5c0e, which is not assigned
to any of the above.  Used "ldeletepv" to remove the extra PVID from
the VG. This was probably of the PVID of the disk that was originally
moved and is still in the VGDA because the disk was replaced and the
volume groupre-varyied on BEFORE the disk had been removed properly
fro the VG.

Generated new pvid for hdisk3 which came up same as the pvid we just
deleted from the VG! Used "extendvg datavg hdisk3" to add hdisk3 back
to the volume group.

Ran varyonvg again and still got the first message. "lsvg -p" and
"lsvg -l" list everything cleanly. Suggested later varying off the VG
and exporting and reimporting to make sure the ODM is completely
resync'd with the VGDA.

Support Line: LVM errors after replacing hard disk ITEM: D6103L
Dated: September 1993 Category: N/A
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