Error unmounting logical volume hd4L .. trying again ..


  AIX 4.1.5
  RISC J30

  I was running a offline mirror backup using this syntax:

  /usr/sbin/sbom_backup -x 'sbom_sys' -v 'rootvg' -p 'hdisk0'

When it was creating the mkinsttape image, I CTRL C out of the

It failed as it should have, but I got these error messages:

Making temporary JFS log logical volume ..
Mounting filesystems:

Executing Command file: sbom_sys ..
Rewinding /dev/rmt0 ...
Placing boot image on tape ..
bosboot: Boot image is 8690 512 byte blocks.
Placing install image on tape ..
\^Cmkinsttape failed

An error has occurred! Please record the above message, then 
press ENTER
to restore the volume groups to their original configuration ->

Recovering from failure .. please wait ..
Unmounting temporary filesystems ..
Error unmounting logical volume hd4L .. trying again ..

This message kept on scrolling on the screen every 5 seconds.

In another window, I did a fuser /dev/hd4L
the sbom_backup command was running in that filesystem.  
When you have a failure in the middle of a backup, should your 
command then cd / then umount all the filesystems?

I was able to kill -9 the process and run your recovery 
process to correct the problem.  Hey the recovery works very 

This is fixed with sysback.rte 4.1.2

Support Line: Error unmounting logical volume hd4L .. trying again .. ITEM: DF9628L
Dated: July 1997 Category: N/A
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