mksysb cannot write to device error


  AIX 4.1.5
  RISC F40 7025
  Tape  4mm 24/48 autoloader   HP C1553A

  Everytime the customer runs a mksysb it fails with this
  error message:  Cannot write to device error

  The customer cannot run any commands against the
  tape drive.

Action Plan:
  This tape drive was shipped with the system.  
  The command  mksysb -i /dev/rmt0 continually failed with the 
  error "cannot write to device."         
  After further investigation, it was learned that no backup 
  commands would  write to the device.  The tape drive was 
  clearly defined in the ODM as a SCSI 4mm tape drive and was 
  listed as available.  After many tries, it was finally 
  determined that the dip-switch settings on the tape drive          
  were set as "on on off on on on on on".  The HP web page on 
  the device listed these dip switch settings as appropriate 
  for an HP machine, but for an IBM machine they should be set 
  to "on on off on on off off on."         
  After having the customer change the settings, he was able 
  to perform a  mksysb and other backups without further 
  problems.  It looks like Manufacturing needs to set the dip 
  switches correctly before they put them in any AIX boxes.

Next Action 
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: mksysb cannot write to device error ITEM: BZ2264L
Dated: May 1997 Category: N/A
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