Can't make a bootable tape on a J30 for a SMP

  AIX 4.2
  RISC J30

  Customer is not able to create a bootable tape on a J30 for a 
  SMP platform.  They are getting this message:
  sysback -xf /dev/rmt0 vg1

  The rs6ksmp platform does not support tape booting or device support
  for this platform is not installed, the tape will be created but will
  not be bootable.

I determine the problem to be with this command:
bootinfo -T
 It returns rs6ksmp

Sysback is expecting rs6k only.  To workaround this 
problem I had the customer do this:  

1.  cd /usr/sbin
2.  cp mkboottape4
3.  vi mkboottape4

    Goto line 171

platform=${platform:-`bootinfo -T`}

VER=`uname -v`      \#ADD THIS LINE
REL=`uname -r`      \#ADD THIS LINE

if [ $platform = "rs6ksmp" -a $VER -eq 4 -a $REL -eq 2 ]  \#ADD THIS LINE
 then                   \#ADD THIS LINE
 platform="rs6k"        \#ADD THIS LINE
 fi                     \#ADD THIS LINE


\# Unless rspc, if MP kernel installed, use by default
if [ $platform != rspc -a -f $bootdir/unix_mp ]
   then kernel=${kernel:-mp} \# Multi-processor
   else kernel=${kernel:-up} \# Uni-processor

This corrected the problem.

This system was once running 4.1 and I did a 
complete overwrite install on it today.  I don't know if 
that is a factor or not.  I am not sure where or how 
bootinfo -T gets its info from.  You may want to look 
at the code to check this out.

Next Action:
I opened up a problem record with TJ on this matter

This was fixed with sysback

Next Action:
  Closing call out

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