Problems with using a "+" in a exclude list in sysback


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC J30
  sysback 4.2.0


I create a directory structure like this:

mkdir /test
mkdir /test/a+b
touch /test/a+b/file
touch /test/a+b/file1
touch /test/a+b/file2

/usr/sbin/chexcludelist -a /test/a+b

mkdirback -xf /dev/rmt1 /

sysrestore -Lf /dev/rmt1 -tR > filelist

grep test filelist

It backed up /test/a+b and everything below it

CLOSED by tj on 04/01/98 20:03:
I know this is not the answer you want but this is not something that can
be changed easily so I dont see doing this for the initial 4.2.0 release.
After extensive testing, there are several special character that
have a special meaning with the "grep" commands and therefore cannot
exist in the exclude list. Those characters are:

   $  *  +  ?  \^

Also, the user of the following characters in filenames can cause
a backup to fail. Those characters are:

   (  )  [  ]

For the time being, I wil plan to add notes to the manual indicating
that the above cannot be used in exclude list entries. The only way
to chagne this in the future is to create a new command to replace
"grep" that uses no special character handing.

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