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X.25 not working after loading Netview


We have a RISC/6000, model 58H running AIX V3.2.3e with X.25 adapter and 
Netview 2.1

After installing Netview, the X.25 adapter can receive calls in, but no
calls can be placed.  In Xmonitor trace, the clear and diagnotics are 0's.


According to the "xmonitor" trace, no Call User Data (CUD) value was being placed
into the outgoing CALL packet.  The Call packet was as follows:

      CALL     dN   la:11   lf:0   ld:0  \<--- you expect to see ld:1 here!

The only place I know where the contents of the call packet (facilities and CUD)
can be modified are in the "Internet/X.25 SVC Host Entry" menu.   

See pg 98 of the latest cookbook (GG24-3692-01) where we have split User-Defined
Facilities and Call User Data into two separate lines.  This happened with APAR
39838 (around AIX Version 3.2.4).  It turns out that this was the problem.  You
deleted one entry, re-added it and you were able to communicate without problems.

You have a shell script and will add the new parameter.  In this way, you shouldn't
have to delete/add all of the 200 or so entries you have at the home office.

We also discussed c:0 and d:0 -- this is typically a problem where the CUD in the
incoming call cannot be routed according to the xroute routing table on the remote
system.  See page 84 in the cookbook.  This is exactly what was happening at
the RISC you were trying to contact -- as there was no CUD, it couldn't be routed.

Support Line: X.25 not working after loading Netview ITEM: N2790L
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