ioctl calls for the parallel port?

The customer has a device attached to his parallel port which he
would like to do low level communication with. He is interested in
whether there is a driver that he can use or if he can just use 
i/o commands.

ACT: spoke with Robert.  He has a custom device.  He would like to be
able to send a byte of data to the control register of the parallel
connection, and then send a few bytes of to the data port of the
parallel connection.  Can he do this through the parallel print driver

ACT: found a PMR 7x398 B343 that dealt with almost exactly this issue.
I explained that he would need to create an lp device on the parallel
port (OPP) and put it into "print all characters unmodified" mode.

Then he can use the ioctl calls to control the device.  The relevant
flags can all be found in /usr/include/sys/lpio.h

Since he is at AIX 4.1, I cautioned him that if he has trouble opening
the port, he should try using the O_NDELAY during the open call.

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Support Line: ioctl calls for the parallel port? ITEM: BK4487L
Dated: June 1996 Category: N/A
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