Can a installation be done completely from a network?


   Env: 3.2.5 on 41's and 250's

   Desc: I am ordering several systems for a customer without
        diskette drives.  Is there a way to perform the installation
        without using any type of boot media?  I want to turn 
        the machine on, give it the IP address of a network
        installation server, and let it boot and install from the
        remote installation server.  

   Action: In 3.2.X, without special code, there is no way to
        boot and install from over a network.  When installing
        from a network one must first boot from either a tape,
        diskette, or CD-ROM.  AIX 4.1 does provide this option.
        Some one in dallas has written code for use when booting 
        from over a network to bring up the AIX installation 
        menu on the client machine.  We are looking into the 
        availability of this code.
    Next Action: Call SE back with the different possiblilies.

   Test Case: Booted different machines in service, normal
        and secure mode to see which menu options appeared.  
        Booted a system from over the network but was unable
        to get the install menu.  


SE called in. He would like a call back by 11:00 AM today.


Talked to Frank Tate about availability of code.  He has contacted a Tony
Johnson who is the one for making this code available.  Tony has not responded
I Called Girish and left a message describing situation.


Girish is now working with Tony Johnson and the author of Inst220 to find       
a working solution for his customer. 

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