LIBRARY: sp reinstall from sysback tape

                Tape booting an SP Node - Unofficial Document

This information is correct to the best of my knowledge, but has not been
hands-on verified, and as such, neither I nor IBM may he held liable for
this information or any damage that may or may not result as a direct
result of its use.

NOTE: This is technically "Unsupported" as external SCSI devices are not
supported on SP Nodes.

A.      Power down node
        1.      Use the gui (spmon -g) or issue the command:
        2.      spmon -p off node1
B.      Open a tty.  Use the spmon GUI:
        1.      Display Layouts
        2.      Display Node Layout
        3.      Node Front Panel
        4.      Open a TTY
        Or use: spmon -open node1
D.      If this is not a silver node, put the key in service mode
        1.      Use the spmon gui or issue the command:
        2.      spmon -key service node1
E.      If this is a High Node, press Enter to get the "> prompt"
        1.      type "sbb" and press enter
        2.      choose option 1, "Set Flags".
        3.      Ensure that the following two flags are set correctly:
                a.      "Autoservice IPL" should be set to Disable.
                b.      "Fast IPL" should be set to Enable.
        4.      Exit to the ">" prompt and break the tty connection.
                a.      use "x" until at the ">" prompt.
                b.      \ x to break the tty connection.
F.      Power on the node with "Node Controls".
        1.      Use the gui or issue the command:
        2.      spmon -p on node1
        3.      Hit \, if you see the following prompt:
                DO YOU WANT TO UPDATE FLASH FROM LINE S2 [y/n] ? n
G.      For silver nodes, wait for the \ logo and begin
        pressing one of the following keys until the \ \
        etc entries finish displaying on the screen.
        1.      SMS - System Maintenance Services
        5.      Default Service Mode Boot
        6.      Custom Service Mode Boot
        8.      Open Firmware Prompt (this is not SMS and has no use here)
H.      If Option 1, SMS, was chosen, then go into multiboot and either:
        1.      Alter your bootlist, save and exit out of SMS
        2.      If available, choose "Install From".
I.      The system should prompt you for your console after some time.
J.      Sysback should come up shortly after restoring programs from tape.
        1.      Change Volume Group & Logical Volume Info
        2.      Verify information
        3.      Install the System with Current Settings

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