/usr/OV/conf/oid_to_type and /usr/OV/conf/C/oid_to_sym

Question: We are in the process of discovering several Cisco routers (functioning as
 protocol translators) in our network.  Some of these routers are being
 discovered with the "Gateway" symbol and some with the "Terminal" symbol, even
 though they are all functioning in the same manner.  The sysObjectID is
 different for the routers that are discovered as "Gateway" symbols
 ( and "Terminal" symbols (

 Now, I placed the sysObjectId into the
 /usr/OV/conf/oid_to_type file and in the /usr/OV/conf/C/oid_to_sym file so that
 the "Terminal" symbol would represent these objects in the maps, but this did
 not work.  I then realized that this particular MIB ( is not

 in the cisco MIB file that is loaded on the management system.  Does this
 particular MIB object need to be defined and loaded into Netview in order for
 Netview to represent the object correctly in the maps?  Why?  If not, what else
 would cause this problem?

 During the course of investigating this problem, I have generated more
 questions  regarding the mapping of objects to symbols in the 
 Netview maps:

 -  Where and how are the "rules" defined for Netview to know which symbol AND
 in which maps a specific SNMP object should be placed?

 -  In detail, what does Netview "look at" when it initially discovers a new SNMP 
  object to determine its placement in the submaps?
 Here is some information that may diminish the confusion somewhat.

  * The netmon daemon gets the "system.sysObjectID.0" information
    from a node's SNMP agent, and netmon puts that information in
    the "SNMP OBJECT ID" field for that node in the IP topology

  * The netmon daemon compares the sysObjectId from the MIB with the entry
    in the /usr/OV/conf/oid_to_type to determine the node's type.  For
    instance, if the sysObjectId in the oid_to_type file has a "G" flag,
    then netmon will add a "GATEWAY" flag in the "FLAGS" field in the IP
    Topology database.

  * The ipmap application is the application that draws the symbol(s)
    for the node on the map.  ipmap has two decisions to make.  These
      1) where to draw the symbol
      2) what symbol to draw

  * To determine where to draw the symbol, ipmap looks at the FLAGS field    be drawn on the Network and Segment level submaps.  Nodes without
    special flags will be treated as normal nodes, and will only be drawn
    on the Segment level submaps.

  * To determine what type of symbol to draw, the ipmap application uses
    the SNMP OBJECT ID from the IP Topology database.  ipmap compares the
    sysObjectId with the entry in the /usr/OV/conf/C/oid_to_sym file to
    determine what kind of symbol to draw for a node.

    For example, my machine is drawn as a workstation node, because my
    sysObjectId is, and my oid_to_sym file says  \# IBM AIX 3.2 workstation

 There are a couple of things to remember here:

   1) There is nothing stopping you from making oid_to_sym and oid_to_type
      "inconsistent".  For instance, you could put a "G" flag in the
      oid_to_type file that says that a node is a gateway, and then you
      could put the "Connector:Hub" symbol in the oid_to_symbol.  So,
      you'd have a hub symbol being drawn on the Internet, Network, and
      Segment submaps, just like a gateway.  This won't cause problems
      for NetView, but it may be confusing to users.
      the IP Topology database to ensure that the flags and sysObjectId
      are set correctly.  You may need to check the community name and
      demand poll the device.  Use the "ovtopodump -rl \" command
      to check the IP Topology database.

   3) If you change the oid_to_sym and/or oid_to_type AFTER the node is
      discovered, the best thing to do is this:
        stop the user interface and netmon
        run "ovtopofix -A"
        Bring the user interface back up

   2) If a symbol is not being drawn as you would expect, first check   

    in the IP Topology database.  If the FLAG is "GATEWAY", then this
    node will be drawn on the IP Internet, Network, and Segment level
    submaps.  If the FLAG is "BRIDGE" or "STAR_HUB", then the node will        

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