ITEM: L5472L

CMVC is crashing on 3.2.5


Caller: Julia Ronfeld @ 719.554.6620

Upon upgrading to 3.2.5, running cmvc with LIBPATH=/usr/lpp/X11/lib:
/usr/lib results in many cmvc crashes.  System was recently upgraded,
and since then cmvc will not stay up when executing a cmvc command.

Turns out they are using CMVC from the C shell.  I suggested that they
build a ksh script to set the LIBPATH variable (for the R4 libraries)
and run cmvc.  Julia will try this for a day or two and let us know if
it fixes the problem.  If so, then the problem is that the csh is not
passing LIBPATH in the child process environment.


Customer has not yet had time to fully exercize the above request.  Will
check back in 1-2 days.


Transferred caller into gary's voicemail.


Julia is returning Gary's call/xferd to Gary's vm


Customer changed shell script from C shell to Korn shell.  Crashing
problem has not come back since this change.  This could point to a
C shell bug in 3.2.5; will investigate and open a new item if
appropriate.  It looks as if the csh is not respecting the setting
of the LIBPATH environment variable.  If LIBPATH is not used to
point cmvc to the X11R4 libraries, it will regularly "go away."


Customer has used a Korn shell script instead of C shell; cmvc has not
crashed since this change was made.

Support Line: CMVC is crashing on 3.2.5 ITEM: L5472L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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