uucp polling is dialing out every 30 minutes


        We are setting up UUCP polling to dial a remote system (efunds)
        twice a day to check if it has any files queued up for us.
        However, the system is being dialed every 30 minutes instead
        of just twice a day.

        Your /etc/Poll is correct - showing the two times per day you
        wish to call the system efunds.  In uucp's crontab, every 30
        minutes uudemon.poll runs and 5 minutes later uudemon.hour
        runs.  What is happening is twice daily a job is being queued
        to go to the remote system.  Then 5 minutes later uudemon.hour
        runs to send any queued jobs.  It cannot deliver the queued 
        job and therefore retries every 30 minutes.  The problem isn't
        with polling, but failing UUCP transfers causing the queued
        jobs to remain queued.

        Tried queueing up any file:

        uucp -r -x9 /etc/motd efunds!~
        Uutry -r -x9 efunds

        Get assert errors, unable to link ,etc.  File does not 

        rm -r /var/spool/uucp/efunds

        Tried transfer again and all worked well.  Problem was that
        the permissions on the directory containing the queued jobs
        was such that uucp couldn't write to it. Unable to update 
        information about transfers.  

        Now, uudemon.poll is creating the
        /var/spool/uucp/\ directory with ownership such
        that the file cannot be removed by uucico.  This shouldn't
        be the case if uudemon.poll runs from uucp's crontab, but 
        we can certainly add a line into uudemon.poll script to
        chmod the directory.

        You're running these script:

        uudemon.poll            twice an hour
        uudemon.hour            twice an hour (5 minutes after .poll)
        uudemon.cleanu          at 11PM nightly

        uudemon.cleanu is removing the directories

        uudemon.poll reads /etc/uucp/Poll, creates a directory named
        /var/spool/uucp/\ which is owned by root. Then,
        uudemon.hour tries contacting the remote, but due to 
        permissions cannot remove the bogus job.  Doing a chown on
        the /var/spool/uucp/\ directory works until
        uudemon.cleanu removes the directory, and the whole thing
        happens again.

        Uncommented the two chown lines in uudemon.poll so that after
        the /var/spool/uucp/\ directory is created its
        owner is changed to uucp.

        UUCP polling is now working as desired.

Support Line: uucp polling is dialing out every 30 minutes ITEM: BZ0932L
Dated: May 1997 Category: N/A
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